Are you confident that your resume is the best it can be?

If you are not, then let us help you. Our Assured Resume team has been in the recruiting and placement business for almost 20 years. We have learned the ins and outs of what recruiters and hiring managers like to see. More importantly we have learned what they do not like to see. We know the first and critically important step in building a resume is to make sure the resume doesn’t contain things that will cause the reader to discard it.

While everyone is unique, the things that cause a decision maker to discard a resume are not. Examples include:

  • Poor format choice
  • Improper use of textual emphasis like bolding, italics and color
  • Unusual fonts
  • Inconsistency of formatting, headings, voice, tense
  • Poor word choice and phrasing
  • Lack of detail or too much detail
  • Resume length
  • …and much more.

Why might someone lack confidence in their resume?

English is not my first language / I need to prepare my resume for the U.S. market

Thoughts originating in a native language don’t always translate smoothly into a second language.  The result can be poor word choice and awkward phrasing. This can leave the reader unsure of the candidate’s ability to communicate well.

I have gaps in my employment history

Whether it is to raise a family, take care of someone sick, a personal hiatus, or some other reason, what is the best way to show this time away? 

I’m changing careers

After working in a field for years someone may get a degree in a new discipline.  Now they are ready to pursue another direction. How should the work that is not relevant to the new career be included?

I have a long work history

People are working longer.  How much of that experience is wise to include?

I’m just not great with resumes

Must a resume be kept to one page?  Are five pages too long? How much detail?  What format? Is color ok?