“Can a recruiter or hiring manager really make a decision on a resume in just 15-30 seconds?”

Yes!!  Think about it. Let’s suppose it is your job to come up with two candidates to recommend to the rest of the team.  You have 15 candidate resumes to review. You are busy with a ton of other work. What is your first thought? It is, how do I narrow this pile of resumes down?  In other words you are looking for ways to not consider a resume.  You want to make a first-pass across all of the resumes and then you will start looking at the ones who make the first cut in greater detail.  Everybody has their own reasons for why they might want to set a resume in the do-not-consider pile. We know those reasons and we make sure your resume doesn’t give them.

“Who is best positioned to know what recruiters and hiring managers like to see and don’t want to see on a resume?”

Recruiters! The recruiter is the middle-man between the candidate and the hiring manager.  We have seen thousands of resumes. We see many of them every day. We learn from them every day.  We also learn how our hiring managers react to the resumes. They tell us what they like to see. They always tell us what they don’t like to see.  Over the years and after submitting thousands of resumes to hundreds of managers a pattern emerges. We know that pattern.

“How long will this process take?”

This depends on several factors, including how long it takes for us to receive your completed questionnaire, etc. In most cases it should take about 2-3 business days.